Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Roommate!

Not the only roommate I'd love to have *cough* soldier *cough* but still something kinda snuggly!
Ignore post workout attire
I got a baby hedgehog! Her name is Laurel, and she is about 10 weeks old.  We're still getting to know each other, and I'm slowly getting her to trust me.  She gets a little cranky sometimes since she is in the process of quilling and has some irritated and itchy skin.  But yes, my little buddy now :)
Yes that's a worm, but it's freeze dried and dead.  She thinks they are like crack.
Isn't she stinking adorable? I just can't get over that face.  Now if only she could figure out her exercise ball haha.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Title, New URL

Many of you may have noticed that the URL and name have changed.  I really hope this move hasn’t screwed up any followers, it still shows everyone as there.  Let me know if there are any issues with this move! It was pointed out to me recently that my URL said military girlfriend, of which I am not anymore.  Instead, I feel the change to Aud Army Life hits on my education and career aspirations and that some times Army life can be rather “odd/aud”.  Ear humor, just let it happen :)

In short, I’m back.  It’s bee quite a busy few months since August.  I spent much of August on the road; going to Colorado for a conference for a week, then to TN to spend time wedding planning with fiancĂ© and attend a wedding, then STL to visit the BFFs all before school was set to start up yet again.  My poor car has hit 110k miles, I’m just hoping she holds up until I finish school and have a big girl salary. 

Once school began, I’ve been hitting the ground running.  While this semester has been not as full course wise, this is certainly busier than I anticipated. My research project is kind of stagnant, and my advisor who’s wife just had a baby, is now going to be out with foot surgery for 2 weeks.  While he is off his feet for awhile, at least he will have time to read papers and make changes.  I’m still really hoping I can get my paper and everything together to get to do my prelim next month.  This is going to be a CRAZY weekend of parking it in the library, but I’m feeling the pressure to get this done. 

Wedding stuff has been going fantastically! I’m pretty good with where we are time wise.  I’m still behind on finding ceremony musicians, but I have some contacts that I need to get in touch with.  Save the dates are sent out and engagement photos are done, so I’ve started to look at ordering prints to actually hang things on walls!  I’ll be sure to share a few at the bottom of this post.  The dress I'm wearing in the uniform photos is actually one I won from Shabby Apple! I won a $75 gift card from Stetsons, Spurs, and Stilettos'  giveaway, and I'm obsessed with that dress.  I can wear it professionally, or I can glam it up for a night on the town.  Now I just need to find another occasion to wear it.

In the internship arena, I’ve had 2 interviews and still waiting on a few more to be scheduled.  I’m really hopeful for one near the fiance even though he won’t be in the TN area again.  We’re in the awkward SFAS limbo, along with Captain’s Course.  Yes, fiance made the Captain’s promotion list!!! We’re excited, and interested to see where Army life is taking us next.  He hasn’t officially promoted yet, but we think next month may be it.  I get to put on his new bars this time, so I’m beyond excited! I was present at his commissioning  but this might be the only promotion I'm a part of unless he decides to stay until Major, but that's a looooooooong ways away. 

So- now for the wedding related photo bomb:

Save the Dates, all 125 of them!
Outside our HS we attended.
By the old lockers we used to slip notes into
Of couse, uniform photos!
One of my favorites, we were at a castle here.
Such a fun moment
And a little saucy ;)