Monday, February 20, 2012

And We're Officially in Barfy Couple Territory

This weekend was heavenly, just pure bliss.  Boyfriend was in town for 5 WHOLE DAYS. Ahh! Somehow we didn't manage to kill each other so I call the weekend a success ;)

However, during all the movie watching, canoodling, and cooking time nicknames were acquired.  I'm not talking cute, I'm talking barfy, disgustingly adorable, and terrifyingly mushy nicknames.  He is now the 'snuggle monster', and I'm the 'cuddle monster'.  He even went as far as to dub our couple-dom as "snuggles and cuddles".  Ugh, when did we become that couple!?! It is at the point he even texted me "RAWR! that is monster for I love you!" Oy vey. I'm hoping if I don't acknowledge this, it will go away on its own time.  The only reason I'm sharing this is because I hate being 'that couple' and try as we might we seem to slip into it on our own.  Thankfully, it rarely comes out in public or until I blog about it :)

But on a much better note, I made my first lasagna!!! I've always been nervous as heck to try because I know there are a lot of steps that can screw up a lasagna.  I used a modified recipe found here.  I think the pine nuts would have added a lot of flavor, I just couldn't find any around here.  I added in sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and onion to the vegetable mix because I love my veggies.

I also found a recipe here for pull apart cheesy garlic bread.  Again, I cheated a bit and used a prebaked baguette for times sake.  I can promise it is every bit as amazing as it seems.  I only had shredded cheese on hand, and I think sliced would work much better.  My baguette was rather on the skinny side, so next time I'll try with a larger one.  Overall dinner was a success!! It was boyfriend's valentine's gift from me along with a bottle of wine and some chocolate dipped strawberries I got super on sale thanks to post valentine's sales.

Some photos of dinner:
Bread, vino, and lasagna- perfect Italian meal!
My veggies slid a bit, but still tasted amazing!


  1. Aw, so cute. Glad you had 5 days together! That lasagna looks delicious!