Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wedding Update and Test Info

So, some of you may remember the big nasty test I took in early June that had me panicked... well results came in today- I PASSED on the first try :) I'm beyond excited!!!  Next step, national exam, finishing classes/project, and year long internship- then I'll finally be an audiologist.  May 2014 better hurry up!

Wedding update: dress and veil- check! venue- check! photographer- check! officiant- check! bridal party-check!

I'm making a lot of wedding progress.  It really helps having the fiance around to do things together.  Our vision for the day is really starting to come together.  I just wish I could share a photo of my dress, I'm so very much in love with it and cannot wait to wear it.  It'll kill me to have to wait 6 months for it to even come in.  I'm keeping the dress under wraps until the wedding day, only close friends and family have seen it thus far. 

My to-do list is ever growing, but this weekend the fiance and I have a wedding to attend for my good friend.  It'll be our first one together, and I'm a bridesmaid so that'll make a fun but busy weekend.  We also have 2 cake tastings scheduled on Friday- yay for cake.  I'll be sure to post pics from my b-maid adventures.  I'm slowly trying to ease back into blogging at my usual rate.  I think once block leave is over, and I'm done driving to Chicago every week I'll finally have more me time yet again. 

I'm still reading and commenting away, but don't worry, I am still around this little corner of the internet.  I'll post pics once I get my camera again, I left it in Chicago like an idiot last time I was at clinical rotations.  Well, my thesis is a calling me again, back to work for me.


  1. Congratulations on your test! That is awesome. Share some wedding plans when you get a chance to blog :)

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on passing! :)

    So exciting to read about all your wedding planning progress. Can't wait to see the pictures of your big day down the road.

    And I can't wait to meet up with you, Erika, and Holly sometime soon! :)

  3. Congratulations on passing your test!! you are so awesome!
    Glad that the wedding plans are coming along. Cant wait to see pictures! P.s. we go see an audiologist next week for Baby G