Thursday, November 15, 2012

Under the Knife

Ugh, so ready to be done with school and this semester.  I'll be lucky to squeak out a 3.0 this semester, statistics is kicking my butt!

Anyways, yes, I am getting surgery.  Friday to be exact.  For what? Something I've wanted for a long time now (no, not boobs, those showed up a few years ago :P) but LASIK! I don't have terrible eyesight by any means, but enough that's bothersome and I have a driving restriction since I cannot read road signs without glasses or contacts.

I'm going in on Friday to have pre-op testing and hopefully the actual procedure as well.  I'm very fortunate to have amazing insurance through my parents that covers a majority of the procedure.  Once I'm married, I did my research and tricare won't take care of it and my insurance won't cover it after the new year.  Thus, sparking the need to get it done sooner rather than later! I usually throw my glasses on after a long day of school, but I have to be in them for 5 days prior to the procedure and they are driving me up a wall.  Here is to hopefully being glasses free in the next 48 hours!

In wedding news: bridesmaid dresses are in, and I big pink puffy heart them! Honestly, if one of my girls doesn't like them, I'd totally buy it back from her :) They are a deep sapphire/royal blue in duchess satin with a v neck and have a belt cut on the bias to cinch in at the natural waist.  Very flattering, at least I seem to think so.  They also have a pencil skirt to look modern and cocktail like.  I found them from an amazing online boutique  They were a dream to work with, and I cannot wait to show everyone photos :)  Wedding ceremony music is decided, just need to find the musicians to play it! Trying to decide between string trio or piano.  It's hard finding musician, and ones that will return emails/phone calls, harrumph.  It'll be 6 months until wedding day on Sunday- eeek!! Still so much to do :)

This year will also be the first time I making thanksgiving dinner.  Fiance and I are going to be by ourselves in the Kentuc-essee region so I'm going down there for a week to wedding plan, rewrite my thesis, and start our own traditions as a couple.  This year I have classes/finals until Dec 21st, so that puts a damper on my holiday planning and shopping.  So the two of us may brave some shopping together before thanksgiving just for the sake of time.

Anyone have fun Thanksgiving traditions they started as newlyweds? Any advice for someone making their first dinner?


  1. Yay!! LASIK is exciting! I had it done back in February and it was the best thing I ever did. :)

  2. I am so jealous about the lasik. I wish I could have it done, but my vision keeps changing too much! I've never had to make a Thanksgiving dinner so I can't offer you anything but good luck!