Friday, August 9, 2013

Is this thing still on?

Yes? No? testing... testing....

After a much longer than planned hiatus I'm back.  No excuses, life just has a way of getting hectic.  Last semester I was stretched beyond my breaking point with traveling all the time for clinicals and wedding stuff, planning to move, and finishing my last semesters on campus.  It was enough to send me into a near panic somedays.  But, I'm back.  Hopefully for good this time.

Anyways- we're married now, yay! I guess I'm officially living the Aud Army Life :) I'll do a few catch up posts on the big day.  It was absolutely perfect and went off without a hitch.  Some photos so I don't leave you completely hanging:

best photo of me and my ladies, IMHO

LOVED our photographer.  He's pretty much amazing.

"For you are mine... At last" ~Our first dance.

We went to Cali for 6 days for the most relaxing and fancy honeymoon a girl could ever ask for.  Wine, great food, and most amount of time spent with the boy in forever- yes please!!

One of my favorite vineyards- Castello di Amerosa
Castello- on of our favorites! We came home with 8 bottles from them, whoops!
Rubicon by Inglenook.  Saving our bottle for our 10 year anniversary.
Opus vineyard
View from the top
Army news, we're doing the geo-bachelor life right now.  He was selected in January at SFAS to begin the SF pipeline to hopefully become a SF team leader.  He's in the heart of CCC right now with the Q-course to follow.  It is going to be a crazy long journey and I'm prepared to meet it head on.

I'll be doing some catch ups soon, with the wedding, honeymoon, life in TN and soon my trip to go visit him at CCC! I've still be following you lovely ladies and will get back into the blogging mindset again.

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  1. Congrats your wedding, and his selection! Q course is its own special challenge but you end up in a wonderful community! I've loved our time with SF units.

  2. Happy to see you back!! Congratulations Mrs. :) You look beautiful! Can't wait to read more about what you have been doing! xo