Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Holiday Season

Well the holidays are quickly approaching, and I for some reason cannot seem to get into the holiday spirit. I'm feeling rather Grinch-y and want to say "Bah Humbug"to the whole season this year.  I have a feeling a VERY big part of it is that this will be the LTs and I's first Christmas apart- ever.  He made it home all through out college, and his year of training.  But this year he'll be gone.  I got so used to college and the two of us having 2-3 weeks together, and last year we even had a week.  I have been so very spoiled with Christmases together, and I'm just really trying to stay positive this year.  It always seems to work out that Christmas is the one holiday that we never spend apart, and I just love winter activities with him at my side.  His family is being great, and we're still doing the holiday traditions we have together, but it will be very bittersweet without him there.  Thankfully my friends are very understanding, and I'm escaping to St. Louis multiple times to just take a break from family and the constant reminders at home.

In better news- the LT called the other night! He was just getting off guard duty, so it was very late his time, but I was hanging out with some college friends.  As per usual, a weird number popped up on my phone and I answered warily- knowing that 6 or 8 digit numbers are usually him calling.  He and I talked for about 30 minutes which is a lot longer than we usually get to talk, I was floating when I got to hear his voice again.  I haven't been able to talk to him much lately, he's been very busy planning missions and getting acquainted with his new Captain.  The last time he called was almost a month ago, and at Thanksgiving his parents talked to him most of the time, which I don't mind because he usually calls me more often.  He had some sad news to share, he's going to be busy with things so he probably won't be able to talk around Christmas.  That was hard to hear, but I know that's how the job goes sometimes.  His unit has also had a rough few weeks, so he was a little down and I just wish I could do more than talk/send emails.

It was great timing that this week he got my Christmas package and loved it!  I tried to give him more special things than just sending material items, so he got a letter to open every day in December leading up to Christmas day, and lots of homemade goodies along with a personalized DVD tour of my college apartment and campus (it was a great excuse to play around with my new Mac Book and iMovie program).  He has never seen my apt or my campus because he deployed the week I moved in and my classes started.  I hope that the DVD helps him see the places I talk about and the people I study with.  I also recorded a special message for him at the end, so he can see me/hear my voice whenever he wants.

Thankfully I have some of the best friends in the world, who keep me strong and are there to listen when I want to cry/complain about the situation.  On of my best friends was studying abroad in China this semester and the other was teaching abroad in Germany, so I hope with the two of them being home I won't be as grumpy.  Anyways- off to a welcome home dinner for the China BFF!  I can enjoy my paltry 2 weeks off before starting clinical practicums, and a week of that will be spent in St. Louis.  Here's to hoping this turns my mood around for the better.

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