Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let the Craziness Begin!

I'm going to warn you all, that this blog is going to be a SUPER long one.  I have lots to get caught up on and a whole lot that is going on right now.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season.  I survived mine and keep hoping to get my belated Christmas phone call.   I was lucky enough to start my vacation from school in St. Louis where I got to see one of my best friends return from her semester abroad in China.  I missed her so so so much this semester. We did manage to talk a lot via Skype, but it is still not that same as spending time together.  Shortly after she arrived, I returned home to work, make a little money, and finished up my Christmas shopping.  Holidays were rather low key for me, Christmas Eve morning was spent with my Mom's side of the family.  We stuffed our faces and enjoyed playing with the new baby in the family.  I didn't get to see the baby much because I was sick in the previous week so I kept my distance to ensure the little one would stay healthy.

Christmas Eve was the toughest day for me.  That is when usually the LT and I have our celebration together.  I kept tradition and spend the evening with his family- dinner, church and the presents as usual.  His family had a DELICIOUS dinner planned, but I was still not feeling 100% after the flu so I just managed to pick at dinner.  Church was actually really hard, and I even welled up a time or two.  The LT and I aren't really into God or church, we're more into spirituality and living with balance in your life.  He is more religious than I am, but I always go to church with his family because they enjoy the Christmas Eve service.  Usually, the LT and I are making jokes about me possibly incinerating/being "smited" right on the spot when walking into a church and I missed his constant jokes and teasing.  There was also a prayer/ mention of troops and their families, and his family and I were recognized along with other military families.  I almost lost it right then and there, I have no clue how but I held it together through the rest of the service and the evening with his family.
We returned to his family's house after church was over and I was surprised with some awesome new lounge clothes, and the first season of Glee (yes I am a "Gleek") from his family and some very sweet presents from the LT.  He gave me a photo that had 2 people's feet in the sand and it looked like our names were drawn in the sand of the photo.  It was very sweet and I started to cry.  The photo was significant because we took a trip to Myrtle Beach after the LT graduated and commissioned.  All the "missing him" emotions really welled up and I just wish he could have been there with his family and I.  I also took photos with his family and they even had a special photograph ornament with the LT in his uniform.  

I also managed to pull off a surprise for his family.  I tried to make a double service star quilt for his Mom last year but didn't get it done in time (the LT's brother is also in the Army ROTC and going to commission in December of 2012).  This year I finished it a few days after Christmas,  and helped them hang it in their home.  I'll post some photos at the end of the blog.  She was very excited to get it, and hung it up within the hour of me bringing it over.  Post-Christmas was spent with shopping, returns, exchanges, and another trip to St. Louis.  I spent NYE with "the girls" and yes, I was in St.  Louis for the tornado.  It didn't hit where I was staying but it was still rather alarming to wake up to tornado sirens going off.  NYE/ Feliz-Navidad-ukah (we celebrate Christmas with Mexican food and also made up for missing Chanukah for my friend) was a success and lots of laughter/drinks were had by all.

My jet-setting has continued, I have returned to graduate school.  I have a meeting tomorrow, and then my clinicals start later this week- eek!! I'm excited to start practicing what I have been learning/studying for the last 4.5 years, but it is still nerve wracking none the less.  Classes are starting in 2 weeks, and man is this semester going to be hell.  18 credit hours in grad classes- yuck!! I have 9 hours of classes on Tuesday, 3 hours on Wednesday, 4 hours of clinic on Thursday and 4 again on Friday.  Oof!! At least the time will fly and make R&R get here sooner rather than later.

Any recommendations for R&R?? The LT and I want to take a trip if it happens to fall on my spring break, but I'm afraid he could get delayed and I could end up somewhere awesome all by myself.  Thoughts??

Ok- finally going to wrap this all up.  Here are some photos.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year to all of you!

Last Christmas.  Looking forward to the next Christmas we can have together.

The double service star quilt I made for his mother/ his family to keep in their house.

The photo that made me cry.  I already have it hanging in my apartment.  Miss you baby!!


  1. That quilt is amazing! if I could sew I would totally want to steal that idea from you lol. I saw your comment on my blog, sorry that I haven't answered until now! Being on vacation does tend to make me a little forgetful :) anyways, want to be bloggy buddies?

  2. Aww why thank you! I do have to admit I had a little help from my mother, she did the stars. And actually quilting is not terribly hard, just trying to stay in straight lines is the worst haha.
    And yes please, we can be bloggy buddies :) Looking forward to chatting sometime!