Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Week- Survived!!

Well I did it, I survived the first week of clincals!! *cue the happy dance*  Granted it was not a big deal, I had a patient decide not to show up, and then a day with no appointments.  So, I spent both days sitting in the clinic watching shows I missed over the holidays on Hulu and practicing my assessment and clinical diagnostics of various auditory disorders.  (Nerd alert- I know!)

I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  I'll admit, the weather is partly to blame.  I can justify cold weather as long as there is snow on the ground, but dead grass everywhere AND a wicked wind blowing through campus... too much! At least it started snowing tonight, which is awesome because I am a total snow bunny.  The other big part of my "funk" is from the lack of communication lately from the LT.  I'm still waiting on my Christmas phone call, and here is to hoping it comes soon.  Voicemails are just NOT cutting it anymore when I miss the sound of his voice.  I'll also be the first to admit- I do get jealous of some people I know with loved ones who are deployed and they talk to their service member almost everyday.  I'm dreaming of having that frequency of communication.  *fingers crossed* it picks up soon.

Sometimes I am so taken aback by the stupidity of people.  I've been asked at least 5+ times by classmates and friends if I got to see the LT over Christmas.  I had to bite my tongue not to reply with a snarky, "oh you didn't know- they just stop the war for 2 weeks and ALL the guys get to come home".  I just try to tell myself it's not ignorance because they don't care- it's because they simply have never had a family member, friend, or loved one that has served an overseas deployment.  I'm trying my best to educate them, but it just gets frustrating.

My professors are also being very vague about if I'll have my clinic schedule covered over my spring break if the LT's R&R happens to fall during that time.  My classmates have said they'll cover for me, but I just want to get the approval from the clinic supervisors.  Better to ask permission than forgiveness, right!?  It's not like he can just take a different weekend, (although I had one ask if he could).  Then another professor accused me of "playing the military card" too often!  Yes, I talk about him all the time, but I have NEVER asked for special treatment or extensions on assignments or any other thing of the sort.  The only time I asked for a small favor was the night my solider was leaving to go to post and board the plane, I asked for 5 minutes to say my goodbyes via phone and finish talking when class was about to start.  Despite all my emotional turmoil that night, I still managed to make it through a 3 hour class and not fall apart.  All I am asking, is for the approval to take spring break IF and ONLY IF the LT's R&R happens to fall during that week.  *Sigh* Just can't win them all I guess.  Any thoughts/suggestions for how to handle this one!?!

Tomorrow to keep myself busy/distracted from frustrating professors, I'm going to take pictures of campus with snow and just some general landmarks of the town I'm living in with snow.  LT and I are winter people, so I'm sure he's missing the snow.  Hopefully I can make the iMovie/ DVD much faster than last time and add photos/dialogue quicker.  Then I'm going to experiment with baking cake in a jar and make some Muddy Buddies to put together an early Valentine's Day/ 6 year anniversary package.  Yes, 6 years, you read that right! The anniversary date isn't until March 24th, but I want to send him a bunch of letters/notes to open each week until the big 6 year.

Anywhoo- sorry if this came off as rambling, but I can't sleep tonight and just needed to clear my head.  If you have any suggestions about the R&R vs. professor showdown- please feel free to chime in.  I'd love another opinion about it.

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