Friday, January 14, 2011

Cerumen, Effusion, and General Nerdy Ear Terms

Yep, classes are getting ready to start.  Can you tell I've been reviewing my anatomy and diagnostic criteria? I just hope that I can remember everything when I'm seeing patients.  On that topic, I have been scheduled for 2 four hour sessions these past 2 weeks- and not a single patient showed up.  It' just frustrating that I'm doing all this work, and not getting to practice a whole lot.  I did get some practice with my mother, and the results we not good, I had to refer her to a fully licensed audiologist, for a possible hearing aid demo.  Scary! At least when I'm her age, I'll hopefully recognize the signs and be able to fit myself with a hearing aid.  Oh family history.... you've screwed me yet again.

As per usual, new year's resolutions are in full force.  Mine is simply to do 30 minutes of yoga/mediation daily, work on general toning, and to run my first official road race.  I think that's pretty doable, and will help with my stress levels so I hopefully don't go grey by the end of grad school.  As far as the road race, I'd love to run a 1/2 marathon, but I think I'm going to have to settle for a 10k.  I've done some unofficial 3k's for charity, but merely as a participant/fundraiser and not as a competitor.  I really want to compete this time, and follow through with the training.  Then maybe this fall, I can run a 1/2 marathon... maybe even the Chicago!! One step at a time, just gotta work up to that 10k. On a side note- I did a 30 minute core class, and experienced total muscle failure for the first time... yikes I'm sore!! Won't be doing that more than once a week haha.

Now onto some GREAT news- I finally heard from the LT the other day! It had been almost 3.5 weeks, needless to say, I was about pulling my hair out from worry and stress.  He's doing well, and appears to have better communication at the new area where he is at.  They apparently have been really busy with missions, fighting sand storms, and trying to stay warm.  My parents got him a set of under armor shirts in "OD Green"(his terms, not mine) and apparently he never takes it off.  I feel bad for his guys, I'm sure he is one smelly dude by now ;)

I started on his Valentine's day package, and have it all ready to ship off tomorrow.  His parents and I have been trying to stagger our packages by about a week, so that he doesn't get a ton of packages all at once.  I found a GREAT recipe for "cake in a jar" via google, so I gave it a whirl.  I elected to make smaller jars so that they are more portable and he doesn't need a ton of cake.  I know asking him to share is pointless, he hoards his chocolate (maybe that's why we work so well, two chocoholics).

The cakes overall turned out well, they didn't cook super even, but I think I needed to clean the edges of the jars... oopsie daisy!  Supposedly when you make them they seal and will last up to 6 months!!  I'll ask the LT when he gets them, and we'll see how true that statement is.  I enclosed a can of frosting and some sprinkles so he can decorate away.  To continue with the death by chocolate, I also sent a HUGE bag of puppy chow to be shared.  Also, some cheesy valentine-ish crap from the dollar section.  Should keep him entertained.

To continue with the previous care package, I made a DVD on iMovie (seriously love my MacBook, kinda obsessed actually) that had photos of campus in the snow and also some commentary to go along with photos of me and my usual college shenanigans.  Included on the DVD was the "making of the care package" complete with outtakes, such as me spilling cake batter all down my shirt and tripping over my feet.  Hopefully the LT enjoys seeing me at my finest, and with my usual idiosyncrasies on full display.  I spent a lot of time working on it, so I think that's the upside of not having patients yet.

Anyways, some photos to share:

 Domestic Goddess in the making :)

Baking away, the cupcakes were for me and my classmates. I had to do something with the extra batter so I didn't eat it all.  Gotta get those last pesky pounds off somehow!

My new apron, seriously obsessed!!

Finished product- *tada*


  1. those cakes in the jar look seriously cute! I've sent similar stuff to Sailorman and have gotten very positive results :) I call it beta testing so I know that it'll come out yummy when he finally leave for his turn in the sandbox.

  2. Good! Glad someone else has a review, *whew* I can relax that they'll stay fresh for the trip over! Good idea to test them, I wish I had found it sooner so I could do that :)

  3. I love to bake, so I'm ALWAYS beta testing stuff. Sailorman is definitely spoiled in that regard, and he's so greedy! He needs to learn to share lol. If you want recipes I'm always willing to share :)

  4. I've been wanting to make a cake in a jar for my husband, but I'm afraid of busting the jar in the oven! What temperature (and how long) did you cook it at?

  5. Sarah, if you use a canning jar it'll be fine no matter what temp. Usually cake in a jar is baked at 350, sometimes 375. It'll be fine! Just boil the lids so the wax gets heated up and then as soon as the jars are out of the oven put the lids on. They'll seal up as the jars cool. It's SUPER easy and stays super fresh :)