Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to School, Back to School...

Yep, the inevitable is happening, classes are finally starting! After two weeks of clinicals with no patients I'm going to start classes finally! It's been a little boring during the day, but my AuD gals are keeping me on my toes with shenanigans at night. I'm very excited for my Cochlear Implants course and my Pediatric Audiology course, so it is going to be a very exciting semester.  I also have 2 more classes; Hearing Aid Research Seminar and Anatomy and Physiology. A&P is the most commonly repeated class in the program, so it is going to be imperative that I study all the time and have serious study sessions with my classmates to ensure we are all doing well and learning everything we are supposed to. I love anatomy and how the body works, I think it is super fascinating and it still boggles me that so much about the body is still theoretical especially in terms of understanding the brain.  Sorry- nerd alert again.

LT and I are still trying to plan a possible trip for his mid tour leave, and I'm still getting nervous about spending all this money and having to worry if he won't make it on time and I'll be in Las Vegas all by myself. I do have family there, but I really want to spend time with him.  I found an AMAZING condo on the strip for a little over $125 a night with the LT's military discount. (Side note- best vacation website EVER:  That is SO SO SO cheap compared to a hotel on the strip and we can cook a few meals and save some money. It also has a huge bathroom/ living room and also has access to a private pool for just the complex.  Then we can take the monorail to other casinos/shows. Can you say luxury!?!

And yes, you can tell by how he and I are actually starting to talk about planning a trip- I got approval from my clinical professors!! So let the planning begin, provided that his leave falls on spring break :)

I'm seriously nervous about all this- any suggestions? I would love a long 4 to 5 days together of just us, but I know his family also wants some time together as well.  Some of his extended family may be coming in just to see him during his leave as well.  This is all so confusing, I just wish it was easy. Should we go for the quick get away trip or just plan a last minute get away to Chicago? Chicago is only 1.5 hours from the LT's and I hometown, so it could be done last minute pretty easily.  We have done a day in Chicago before, but Vegas would be amazing- and we've got some awesome shows we want to see.  *sigh* I just want to spend some quality time together.... either way I'll be happy.

So if you wouldn't mind sharing your two cents- shoot me a comment or email :)

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