Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back in Bloggy-land

First of all I’ll share some good news:  1) I passed anatomy! That is that class that is mostly commonly repeated/remediated in the program and 2) I am officially a 2nd year in the AuD program- bring it on grad school!

These past two weeks of R&R seemed to fly by. Before I knew it, we were embracing, saying our “see you soons” and wishing time would stand still so we could spend more time together.  The time we had together was stressful, tiring, wonderful, relaxing, priceless, and entirely too brief.  There were laughs, tears and lots of memories made.

Now, I find myself back at school struggling to find the motivation to study electrophysiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology while getting back into the swing of clinicals.   I’m also “pee-my-pants-nervous” for my first external clinical placement on Friday.  All I want to do is lounge around, eat copious amounts of junk food, and throw a gigantic pity party.

I keep trying to downplay my feelings with knowing he’ll be home in the next few months, and that deployment is about 3/4 of the way over, but it still hurts nonetheless.  The timing for leave was as good as it could be, once I finished my finals we had 3 wonderful days with just the two of us down at my apartment at school.  If I had known that was all the extended alone time we’d get, I would have cherished it that much more.  Everywhere I look in my apartment I remember the things we did together in CU and the fun we had. 

The night before he left, we spent the night talking, cuddling and as I just found out, waiting out a minor tornado in his parent’s basement with a foosball tournament.  As the night drew to a close, he held me tight, told me he loved me and walked me out to my car where we kissed goodbye in the rain.  We discussed it, and decided I shouldn’t go with him to the airport; waiting together for a plane to leave would just draw out an already agonizing goodbye.  Thankfully his family was able to take him and spend a bit of time with him.  Poor guy, he had to go back on his birthday.  Thanks for that lovely present Army! I did get word today he made it safely to Kuwait, now he's just transitioning to his new job and getting settled back into deployment life.

I want to thank all you bloggy-buddies for your support and comments on my recent posts.  Without that, I do not know if I would have been able to handle the constant ups and downs from this deployment as well as I have.  So, I thank you again- it means a lot.

Ok, off to go on a cleaning and organizing binge and then doing some Ben and Jerry’s therapy.  Tomorrow is my one day off during the week to take some me time so I will be taking full advantage and hopefully getting all caught up on reading blogs.  My google reader count is ridiculously high (200+) and is at the point I never want to see that number that high again, yikes!  Looking forward to see what has been going on with everyone :)

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  1. Glad you guys got to have some quality time together. Hope the rest of it goes by fast!