Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Now for the relaxation phase of R&R

Oh vey- what a whirlwind it has already been! I feel like BF and I have spent a majority of our time on R&R thus far in a car... *sigh*. Between the 2.5 hour trip to the airport to see him when he arrived, then promptly returning to campus on the same day, meeting 1/2 way to spend a few days in the CU, then back to our hometown, then trekking to Iowa for a weekend to see family and to move his brother out of his apartment.... eesh!!! No wonder dearest LT wants a few days to finally relax at home.

Time together has been excellent thus far.  It felt like we fell just back into step with where we were prior to his departure.  Except, this time we actually are getting much more time together than usual, so it has been quite the balancing act to not drive each other completely crazy :)  All that is on the books for the remaining week-ish is a nice date night or two and plenty of family time. His family is all coming over to my parent's house for some of my dad's infamous grilled ribs *drool* I just hope they all get along without too much wine flowing haha. I spent an extended weekend with them, and there were no major breakdowns just lots of chatting and getting caught up with LT.  His photos from deployment were entertaining and I'm just taken aback by the beauty of such a hostile environment.  His stories were also quite enlightening about what he's been up to these last 9 or so months.

LT and I have had a lot of serious conversations while he's been home.  He's told me a few scary stories, but it's ok to hear about them in person vs in an email or over the phone. Granted the one super serious future conversation there may have been quite a few glasses of wine involved to lower our inhibitions, but my cold feet are starting to reappear- eep! I don't know why, but I tend to just shut down when talking about the future, I blame the school blinders that I am currently in and my stubborn streak.  We counted this weekend (emphasis on weekend only) how many times people asked when we were getting married, only 13 *facepalm* meaning I lost the bet it'd be over 20, so I owe him a long backrub.  Glad his family likes me, but yeesh, we're still just young kids!

Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hello- I'm still getting all caught up on other blogs that I've been missing between finals week and R&R taking over all my free time.  Here is to sleeping in tomorrow and getting some quality chill time in before I start classes all over again.