Thursday, August 18, 2011

I should be sleeping.

Tonight, I should be cuddled up with my soldier, chatting about anything and everything, and getting all caught up on our lives from the past 3 months since R&R.  I should be giving him the back rub I promised and listening to his plans for leave while talking about where we go from here now that he is home.

Instead the Army decided to have other plans.  They decided they needed his journey home to take another 2 days.  His parents and I rushed down here yesterday after getting the official phone call thinking there may be a change of up to 24 hours after the call.  Boy were we wrong.  It got pushed back another day, and this afternoon it got pushed back yet again. 

I'm just beyond frustrated, and starting to feel a little bitter.  I don't know if this is a normal thing or if it always just seems to happen to us.  I know I should be really thankful he is on his way, but I just want him here now! I guess I have another day to spend with his family and hoping that things maybe get moved forward.  At this point, if he gets delayed anymore it'll just be a quick "hi/bye" and we'll have to hit the road again so I can get to school.  So much for having a long weekend together.

Come on Army, get the guys home already!  I'm off to the hotel vending machine to eat my feelings a little bit.  Is this typical??


  1. I don't know about the American army, but sure sounds like the Canadian one! I'm sorry, that sucks. Hang in there, when he's home you'll forget it all (mostly. a little. at least for a while :)

  2. Hence the title of my blog. I'm sorry they're yanking you guys around like this, but yeah, par for the course. I hope he gets home ASAP so you get to spend quality time together!

  3. So frustrating. Definitely typical. I hope they get it in gear so you can see him soon!!