Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Single Digits, and Vertically Challenged.

Well, the donut told me I'm vertically challenged.... but in real life I am far from it- ha!  I opened up my Donut today after taking a few days away from looking at it, and enjoying some much needed girl time in the STL.  I was SO incredibly excited to see such a small percent... goodness where has this year gone?

In this last year I have:
1) Completed 3 full semesters of grad school
2) Moved to a new town and explored it where I no longer feel like a tourist.
3) Welcomed back some BFFs from their semesters abroad.
4) Made some great new friends in grad school.
5) Become an even bigger ear nerd.
6) Started to gain a ton of clinical skills.
7) Figured out my future life goals (for the most part).
8) Become an even stronger person than I ever felt I could be.
9) Learned to cherish a 10 minute phone call.
10) Fallen even more madly in love than I ever thought possible.

I am so ready to welcome him home, now it is just a matter of keeping myself occupied.  I know tomorrow is going to be really tough having to say "see you soon" to two of my BFFs before they leave for China next week, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology I know I will still be able to talk to them lots and lots.  Just a wedding, starting some clinicals back up, and before I know it, I'll be back with boyfriend just like I ought to be.

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