Thursday, September 15, 2011

Audiology Brain

I've decided, I have this condition called "Audiology Brain".  Now whenever someone says an acronym or condition my brain automatically flashes to hearing loss and how it relates to Audiology.  I also seem to have lost all sorts of common sense.  I can rattle off otosclerosis or any other disease etiology, pathology, and prognosis, yet I'm stumped by the word 'purpose'.  I actually had to look it up in a dictionary the other day.... pathetic I tell you!

In other Audiology related news- I am LOVING my placement yet again this semester.  I'm at a local hospital so I can take the bus in 15 minutes rather than drive 1.5 hours each way :) It's a great place and I love getting to do all the special balance testing and newborn hearing tests but I just wish there was more stuff going on!  One of the ENTs that is attached to the office is off on vacation this week so the patients are rather sparse.  I only got 4 hours of work in today when I was there a full 8 hours.  At least I am getting some experience in balance testing, which is hard to come by (fingers crossed no 'splashers', that's the code name for someone who gets so dizzy from the testing they vomit- gross). 

And today I got to play with some pretty cute babies.  Thankfully they were all normal hearing so I didn't have to tell any parents bad news.  I did have my first profound hearing loss evaluation yesterday, and man was it rough.  Long day for both me and the patient.  What was supposed to be a 2 hour appointment turned into 3... man was I stressed.  Here is to hoping the most powerful hearing aids on the market will help this poor woman regain some contact with the world.

I'm currently coming down with something- dang sick people from the hospital! But, I need to get over it quickly, because boyfriend is coming into town for the last long weekend of block leave!
Football tickets and Illini apparel have been purchased, and there is rumor of a date night out on the town.  Go away sinus crap, I have some soldier spoiling to do.  I'll be sure to post photos, I'm very excited to go to my first football game at my grad school.


  1. I-L-L! And I hope your sinus crap clears up quickly!!! Be sure to bring your car keys for the kick off. :)

  2. :) Love the above comment. INI!

    I'm not a huge football fan, but I love heading to the tailgates and games here. It's a really fun experience. If I were tailgating tomorrow, I would find you and come say hi! :)