Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holy cow it's September!

Oh my goodness have I been a bad blogger!  There is no excuse really, I’ve just been busy chasing around a soldier and starting up another semester. 

Labor Day weekend I went with boyfriend and his family and made the 8 hour trek from home sweet home to their family farm in Nebraska.  This was going to be the first time for me to meet the entire extended family.  We got to Iowa, picked up boyfriend’s little brother and drove on out.  Saturday night we spent with his grandparents and one aunt/uncle before they left for Las Vegas.  It was really a shame they booked the trip during the weekend, but oh well we made the most of it. 

The first night we got to see the farm and got to go for a ride in his grandparent’s restored 1938 Ford.  It was the car his grandfather and grandmother took out to Colorado for their honeymoon.  Needless to say, we got a lot of flak while riding in the car.  It was romantic though, and I loved going on a sunset drive around the farm and near the lake.  

1938 Ford his grandparents drove to CO on their honeymoon.  They had it restored for their 60th wedding anniversary.

Waving and driving up the lane.

Boyfriend's family plus me.

Sun setting on the lake on the farm

Backseat with the windows down
The next day I got shown around boyfriend’s mothers’ hometown.  I saw the church his parents were married at and had some of the local cuisine.  Shortly after that we went to his other aunt and uncle’s house for a full family picnic to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and boyfriend being home.  I had such a blast and although it was overwhelming to meet practically everyone in one go, at least there was plenty of beer and Yakima to keep it light hearted.  Later that night we all sat around the campfire and talking and I really got to know his cousins.  I had such an amazing time, and was told I got the “2 thumbs up” approval and the official welcome to the family. Gee, its not like boyfriend gets the say in this or anything ;)

I’ve just been getting settled into the new semester and re-adjusting to classes and working, hence the long absence.  I think things should get better this week, I finally have a handle on juggling my workload.  But here are some more photos from the trip- enjoy!  

Old rusted farm truck, looked like a postcard.

Playing with the player piano.

Only photo from the BBQ, and for good reason haha! The wine was flowing pretty heavy at this point :)


  1. I was just thinking the other day how we hadn't heard from you in awhile. Welcome back! I'm glad you and the boyfriend are getting some quality time together. I met my (at the time) boyfriend's family all at once, too. It was really overwhelming. Thankfully I met them at a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and left the next day. I don't know how you made it a whole weekend!