Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes, I need some good trashy reality TV

After my awful midterm today, it is certainly one of those nights.  I'm working on a take home exam while getting caught up on Teen Mom, Dance Moms and other guilty pleasures.  Hey, sometimes I like to not think about what I'm watching.  A good trashy TV show does wonders for the fried student brain.

I meant to blog this weekend, but a little distraction arrived thanks to a 4 day weekend!  Boyfriend managed to squirrel away for a few days and help me to relax.  He was only in town Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, but we definitely made good use of our time! Friday we just had a chill evening in with a Redbox and a surprise for his place.  I was planning on sending a care package, but he told me he was going to come to visit, so I elected to wait until he came to give it to him.  So he got some cute new photo frames and pictures to go in his new place.

Saturday, we did it all. We woke up early-ish, went for a 2 mile run and had fun looking at all the changing leaves.  He kept remarking how much he missed the fall leaves last year.  It's funny to keep hearing him say. "I haven't done that in so long" and realize it really has been a long time since he's gotten to do a lot of things.  Poor guy also had a firecracker incident that showed the effect of a deployment.  Needless to say, I think my neighbors are royal jerks for lighting them off at 1:30am.

We went for a picnic on Saturday at a lake outside of town to get away from campus for a bit.  We went hiking, walked around the park and just cuddled up on a blanket and talked for a few hours.  It was a nice few hours to get away from it all.  We also made the journey to the local apple orchard, which was crazy crowded! Needless to say we high tailed it out of there after picking up our treats and picking the perfect little pumpkin. Later we did date night at a fabulous little Italian place and Lion King 3D!  Perfect date night for sure :)

Sunday was just lazy and spent sleeping in and making apple pancakes from the apples we bought.  Fabulous weekend before the reality of midterms came crashing back.  One down, 3 to go! I should be typing away at my two take homes but bed is calling me after my shows are finished up.
Some photos from the weekend!  I really need to start asking people to take photos of the two of us or start making boyfriend use his long arms, I promise I was there all weekend!

Beautiful day for a picnic, eh Boo Boo?
Someone was being dramatic about the little pumpkin.  I believe the was the face made after saying "it's just a little fella!"
Why you should never mention punkin' chunkin' in front of a soldier, they will want to try it.
Pumpkin was not chunked, and is now two face! His creation.
And hers!

I elected not to carve my pumpkin because I have a feeling it would get smashed pretty quickly if left alone on a college campus.  I elected to color it instead with paint markers :)


  1. Trashy TV shows are the best. That's about all I can take after long days of classes! That's so sad about the firecrackers. We had something like that happen when he fell asleep on the couch and my roommate accidently slammed the front door behind her. Poor boys have a hard time remembering they are safe now.