Monday, November 7, 2011

It's that time of the semester

Yes, the one where all your assignments are due and you have so much stuff to get done in the next month it makes you want to cry.  I could go on and on about all the papers and projects but I'm just trying to keep my head above water.  Also, next semester I was getting very excited to only have 1 full semester course and 2 8 week courses, well the program decided to add another course for me to take.  Argh.  I can take it next year, but I think I'd rather get it over with.  I'm still going to have a much better schedule than in previous semesters but I was really looking forward to only having 2 night classes by the time spring break rolled around.

Thankfully I'm going to have a vacation for SURE in March, I managed to score a volunteer slot/scholarship to attend the national convention for Audiology!  It is going to be in Boston this year and I am beyond excited.  My classmate is also going with me, so we will be able to have lots of fun together.  The volunteer slot/scholarship covers the registration and some meals, but not airfare or hotel.  I did manage to book flights on southwest for $180 round trip so that's pretty cheap!  I already had to purchase those, so my November/December budget is completely blown. 

I'm just fighting to get everything done that I need to before the ball in a week and a half! I keep looking at my dress and shoes in my closet and getting so excited!  I've been hitting the gym more regularly to relieve stress and also tone up my arms and back so they look fabulous in my dress.  Here is to hoping I accomplish that!  I've also been tanning a few times just to get a little color and also because it clears up my skin a bit.  I'm not getting super dark thankfully, I've been limiting it to 5-7 minutes at a time. 

Anyways, I cannot wait to share photos with you after the ball!!  This Thursday my fellow RA/military girlfriend and I are going to have a pinterest day, with dinner, desert and drinks all compliments of pinterest.  I am seriously addicted to that website! If anyone knows of some cool stuff to do in Boston, let me know!  My classmate and I have a night where we are going to explore the city a bit.

EDIT:  I accidentally deleted the post but lost my comments :(

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  1. I am so addicted to pinterest too! Sounds like a busy time of year for you! Hope you get to take a pause soon :) even if its just for an evening :)