Sunday, December 18, 2011


Or at least that's what my family calls it when we get ready for the holidays! I've been a busy bee in the kitchen, and I'd love to share photos but some people who read this blog are possible recipients, so they will have to wait- sorry folks!
In not so great news, I walked out to my car to go to the gym today, and found some footprints and a significant dent on my hood.  Great, just the start to break I needed.  I called the police, they filed a report and I guess I am going to turn it into insurance and get a new hood on my car.  Sigh, let the paperwork begin.  I just cannot fathom why people would want to walk on the hood of a car, rather than move 2 feet in front of it, or walk the 5 feet around it.  The lack of respect for my car makes me most upset about the whole situation.  I drive a fairly nice and somewhat new car, so this will not be cheap to get replaced either.
BUT- some upsides to my weekend: I won my first ever blog giveaway! Thanks to Chambanachik for hosting her Christmas giveaways.  I'm looking forward to my giveaway prize.  This was a great email to brighten my mood.
In some other awesome news, boyfriend and I officially booked our vacation! We decided to go light this Christmas, and instead spend some money on treating ourselves.  We are going to be spending a full week in the Bahamas on my Spring Break, and celebrate our 7 year anniversary together on the beach, along with my golden birthday!!  It's going to be a "happy anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day and everything else" vacation.
Not my photo- thank you Pinterest.
 I'm beyond excited for some relaxation! We are renting a condo to avoid the whole resort crowd and so we can do breakfasts and lunches on the cheap side, followed with going out for some fancy dinners.  I may be booking him a special surprise while we are down there, but I'm not going to spill until we come back.  Best way to plan spending my tax return yet.  So, the 3 month countdown to the beach begins! 3 months to get the beach body going as well, I cannot wait :)

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