Sunday, December 4, 2011

Formal Photos Are In!

I'm in the midst of finals, 2 papers due tomorrow, along with a presentation, then final on Tuesday and 15 page paper and final on Friday.  Follow that up with a 15 page group paper on Monday and a final on Friday, oh and clinicals and a meeting about my clinical experience this semester.  So, when no one hears from me for a week or two- you know what happened. 

I'm running on an IV drip of coffee, tea and living off of granola bars and take out.  I'm just so ready for the semester to be over. 

BUT, the formal photos are in from the ball and I thought I'd share.  I think they look ok, the pose they had us do was a bit strange and I appear to be missing an arm.  Other than that I'm pretty happy with them.  Its nice to finally have a full shot of my dress and to see boyfriend wearing his spurs :)

I think I'm also not a super huge fan of the all white background, it washes me and boyfriend out a bit.  Next time I'll just ask to take photos without the chair.  Any maybe ask boyfriend to relax his hands a bit :)


  1. Gorgeous picture! Seems kind of like an old school pose though!

  2. I wouldn't have noticed your missing arm if you hadn't have mentioned it, but now it's all I can see (or not). You look absolutely gorgeous! Boyfriend should be made to take a deep breath before the next photo shoot and to unclench his fists, but you guys are still a very handsome couple. :)

  3. I like the picture. The color of your dress is really pretty!

  4. Well I think you look just stunning!

    Good luck with the end-of-semester stuff!