Sunday, May 6, 2012

Almost there!

I'm checking back in after a long week of finals, clinicals, a field trip, and lots of relaxing time.  I'm still not 100% done with my take home test, but I still have until 6pm tomorrow to turn it in.  Procrastination at its finest ;)

I rocked my clinicals this semester, and so far grade wise, I think I'm sitting really good.  I know I have a B in one class, but in my others, I have A's or A-'s, which I am more than happy with in grad school.  I just may get my cumulative GPA above that 3.5 level again.  We'll see how this take home goes, but I'm pretty sure I can pull off an A no problems. 

In other news, fiance is acting as the company commander this week and next week- so he's getting a taste for Captain life.  We'll see how he likes it.  At least I'll be down there in a week or so, so that'll be good for the two of us. 

We were talking tonight about wedding stuff and we may kinda sorta have a tentative time frame in mind!!! I'm so beyond excited to start looking at venues and hopefully nail one down by June.  Then comes the dress and all the other fun stuff :) things are moving along quickly in the future department, which is a nice change. I'm still not holding my breath, the Army may change things suddenly on us, which is why every place I look at I ask about their reschedule policy.  Most have seemed pretty nice, but a few said that we'd have to pay 2x the deposit if we had to cancel then reschedule.  Ugh, annoying but I understand where they are coming from. 

Anyways, I just wanted to check in for a bit, I'll be back to my normal bloggy self next weekend.  And hopefully fiance and I will have some fun trips and activities planned while I'm on post visiting for 2.5 weeks! Including another race and some small weekend getaways :)


  1. We added a "Military Orders" clause on to all of our wedding contracts. They can not have you pay 2X!!!!

    I can email you the clause if you want.

  2. In my wedding contracts, I made sure to put a "military clauses" so places wouldn't take advantage of us if we had to change the date. See if they will do that for you. If they won't, then they aren't worth working with!

  3. Glad to see things are falling into place :) PS...I hope you got my email!

  4. Saw you through Sue's "as it seems" blog. I have no connections with military but I am in nursing school - 3rd semester out of 5 to be a RN. What are you heading towards??