Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wedding and Race Update

So- the race, that 10k I signed up for.  I came, I ran, I conquered!! In training I didn't go over 5 miles, but instead focused on training in intervals for speed and I think it paid off.  My goal was 01:15:00, and I finished in 01:02:43 chip time.  I'm pretty stoked, and it looks like I managed my 10 min mile pace pretty easily.  Who knows, maybe next year will be the half :)  I have a few more races planned this summer, so maybe I can work on getting my time down.  I have no photos because my running partner flaked on race morning, but then I got to run the race I wanted to.

Now onto wedding news. I'm hoping I don't turn into a blogger that is all about the wedding, but I had to gush for just a little bit tonight.  I'm making some hasty progress despite not having a date yet.  Fiance and I are still waiting on some more news from the Army, but hopefully we'll get that in the next month or so.  As of right now, we're planning on setting a date while he is in his Captain's course then honeymooning when I graduate from school.  In the mean time, the moms and I are going to look at several venues while I am home for a few days.  I've got them all picked out and now comes the fun part of setting up appointments.  The plan is to take photos, get quotes and then have info to take back to fiance so we can make a decision together.

My future MIL has been interesting.  She has some thoughts and opinions, and some of them are helpful. She is REALLY pushing for me to look at 2 venues in a small town about 20 minutes from the hometown. Unfortunately there are no hotels anywhere near by and also, they just don't do anything for me.  I am still going to look at them to appease her.  I think we'll just have to put our feet down on what is important to us, and include her in other things that aren't so much. 

I'm also going to go try on some dresses for the first time with the Moms.  There is a bridal store where my mother and grandmother both bought their wedding gowns near by.  Naturally, for tradition's sake I want to go check it out.  I'm just planning on trying on dresses and seeing what style/shapes I want to further look into.  I think I know what I want, but I'm terrified it'll look horrible on me.  So here is to an open mind :)

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  1. congrats on the race! Good luck on the venue search, and I am sure you will look gorgeous in any dress!