Monday, June 13, 2011

Sooner than expected?

Got to talk to dearest boyfriend the other day for the first time since he left for the 'stan after R&R.  He had some good news, and may be coming home MUCH sooner than expected! *YAY*! Lessons learned from R&R however, just take it one week at a time, don't get too ahead of myself just yet :)

I did make the mistake of moving my donut date up a few weeks to the earlier time he said he may be returning, and that my friends is called the bad idea bears.  Whoops! I promptly changed it back to a slightly more realistic date.  Now I just have to fight the battle with my clinical supervisors to get times switched if need be for the big ceremony.  They said they will be trying their best to work with me but not to get my hopes up *sigh*.  It's always something.  They even said, "well, didn't you just see him?" Oy!

Any helpful tips/tricks for navigating all this stuff?  Any homecoming faux pax I need to avoid? This will be my first ceremony and I don't know what to expect other than lots of tears of joy.

Classes are going well, and I've been doing WAY too much retail therapy lately.  I got a new swimsuit that was super cute, now I just need to hit the gym a little more and cut back on the snacks to feel amazing haha.  Well, I'm off to cram in some more baking to send off one more care package before it is too late.

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  1. keep up the good work!! i need to do the same.. go to the gym and cut off on snacks! LOL
    i just started following ur blog
    i'm a military gf starting my own blog:
    hope u can follow and share the love