Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kick to the teeth

Oy, just when I thought things were going better in the classroom arena, something has to happen.  This morning I overslept because my alarm clock did not go off.  Of course, this made me 30 minutes late for clinicals.  Awesome.  I rushed in as soon as I could and the end result of this being my supervisor requested a meeting with the clinic director and the program director.  Overkill in my book.  All I can do is say "I'm sorry, this won't happen again" and hope for the best.  She even alluded to me needing to do an extra project or something to ensure "I don't have to repeat my summer clinicals".  Freakin' awesome lady.

Then dearest boyfriend called me while I was in class and my professors being the jerks they are, don't let me at least answer and tell him, "Hey, I'm in class, call your mother instead".  That would just be courtesy. He did manage to send an email at least with updated return dates, so that donut is back up at the 15%-ish area again.  Dear Army, quit playing games with my emotions I get enough of that with school.  Love, Dani.

And, end rant.


  1. That seems pretty harsh for one morning!

  2. Lameness- and the phone call would have sent me over the edge!