Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stranded at the Drive- In

Just thought I'd share my funny Friday evening.  My co-RA and some of her friends heard about a double feature playing at a drive-in theater about 30 minutes outside of town, and decided why not check it out!

So we piled 5 girls into a tiny little car, loaded up on snacks, beverage and blankets then trucked on up to the show.  Gates opened at 7 and oh my goodness, was there a line! The show didn't even start until 9, so we were glad we got there when we did.  When we pulled in the radio station for the movies was playing the Grease theme song.... awesome-sauce.

How awesome is this view? 
Sorry for the crappy phone pic, I cannot seem to find my camera.

The double showing was Transformers and Super 8 on screen 1 and Cars 2 and Mr. Popper's Penguins on screen 2.  We decided we didn't want to see Transformers so we went for Cars and then we were going to switch sides to see Super 8.  Or at least that was the plan haha.

We parked in the front row to have prime blanket/chair seating, grabbed funnel cakes and reminisced about childhood, playing card games while we stuffed our faces.  Then we added in some never-have-I-ever for good measure.  There was also a children's birthday party going on, so we watched some adorable kiddos running amuck.

Once intermission rolled around, they showed old-timey 50's advertisements for food and other cool things at the show.  About this time the kids around us were passing out except for a few that kept toughing it out to see the 2nd movie.  When Cars 2 finished up (super cute BTW) us tired grad students decided we needed to go home because we were too tired.  Those kiddos out lasted most of us!

All in all it was a really good fun evening.  The show was only $6, and for two movies that is an absolute steal! Even the concessions were pretty fairly priced- they had burgers and all the goodies along with the usual movie theater food.  Needless to say, I'm going back again soon!


  1. that sounds like so much fun! There used to be a drive-in across the street from me, but they closed it years ago. I have no idea where to even find one near me, and that makes me sad!

  2. Awesome! I guess I'll have to go some time. :)