Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yeah, that explains most of my absence I think.  I had a final Monday, 3 quizzes Monday and today, and I have an oral final Thursday, and a comprehensive final on next Monday.  Eeeeek!!  I'll be parking my butt in the library all weekend to cram and get my stuff done.   Hopefully there will be a few breaks in there to hit the gym and keep up this health kick I've been on recently.

Not to mention on top of all my coursework, I also have to have all my clinical clock hours tallied up by TH, and get all that stuff done.  My to-do list is currently at the overwhelming level.  Day by day, that's all I can do. 

At least after all the stress that is coming up, I have a MUCH needed break in the form of a hearing aid conference to attend to.  It's sad when a school conference is your vacation, but no complaints it's all expense paid and I get to relax in downtown Chicago.  Just one more week!  Oh, and just a wedding and some BFFs to visit as well.  I'm looking forward to a much needed two week break from classes and clinicals. 

BUT, once I get back from my conference I will have homecoming news and the great poll of "what in the heck do I wear that will look cute in ungodly hot temps in the south"so stay tuned and please play along :) Check out all this green.... it's getting closer!  I have to force myself to only check on Sundays to make sure I'm not staring down the minutes every day.  He'll be here soon.

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