Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back into the single digits!

Still wishing, hoping and begging for some updated homecoming news.  Donut is creeping lower and lower yet again, here it to hoping it goes faster with little to no change.  Still a few more weeks out, and I’m just trying to stay focused on school and clinicals.  At least I have my BFFs and a Harry Potter weekend to give me a quick boost through the weekend.  Two weeks left and then I’ll be off to hearing aid summer camp- woot! 

Just got my fall class/clinicals schedule and it is a DOOZY.  I am registered for 19 credit hours.  I should also mention that full time in grad school is considered 9 hours…. Yeah I have double time basically.  My clinicals also only give me 3 credit hours when actually I have about 15 hours of them a week, plus the paperwork that comes with seeing patients.  When am I going to have time to sleep again!?!

The big contributor to this mess is a professor who is going out on sabbatical due to a huge grant she has (she is actually researching TBI and tinnitus, so I’m anxious to see her results) and so she is shifting all her classes to the fall so I have an extra course that I normally would not.  This is just going to suck big time, I’m already dreading fall semester.  I’m thinking about sneaking away on Labor Day weekend because I’ll have a 5 day weekend, that’ll be a nice start to block leave, now the question is where to go!  Probably something drive-able so we don’t have to worry about flights with shifting schedules. 

Any suggestions for a quick road-trip weekend that would be loads of fun in the Midwest, or at least a shorter drive? Here is to hoping boyfriend gets to call soon so we can discuss some options. 

Well hello single digits!  Lets stick around awhile this time, please and thank you!

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  1. Hmm...the obvious big cities nearby are always fun- Chi-town, St. Louis, even Indy. I think I'd sneak away to a quiet town at a bed and breakfast though! :)