Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taking a little me time.

Yeah, I know, I dropped off the face of the planet this last week.  After all the craziness of the clinicals situation, driving 3 hours round trip for clinicals on Fridays, and then also throwing 10-15 hours of work a week on top of it all- I was getting run ragged.   

 I decided to take a few days and the weekend and just enjoy some relaxing time to myself.  I got in lots of pool time and I actually got to read something that was not a textbook this week!  I read Mary Roach's book, Bonk about sex research, and it was quite interesting!  I love her other book, Stiff about bodies that are donated to science, and thought I'd give her other books a try.  I also got my hands on The Help, and I freaking loved it! I sped through that thing in 3 days.

Notes about the 5k I ran on the 4th- wow was it hot!! I think next year I am going to wait to register until the day of the race to take into account the weather.  I started running really strong the first 2 miles or so, staying at a 9:00 mile pace- I was trucking!  After mile 2, I hit my wall and the heat really started getting to me and I was feeling kind of sick.  I ended up having to walk about a half mile, then got to running again at a much slower pace.  I still finished with a PR of 30:38.  If I had stayed with my running partners I would have finished around 28 minutes, so all things considered I am very happy with the race. Here are some photos I can share.  I love my hot pink leggings!

At the finish.  Hating life a little right here.
My mom and sister were also in town, here sis gave me a post-race ride to the car.
Dinner the night before the race, we enjoyed being downtown, yay $1 sushi night!
I was also researching my little booty off this week, two of the researchers that are working with my professor were in town and going over our numbers thus far to determine if we had a significant different between the Deaf children we tested and the hearing children.  So far, there is a difference, and we still have 40 children left to test so that is good!  With them in town we were busy entertaining and yikes is my ASL poor.  I felt bad, there were a lot of miscommunications, but they seemed to be pretty understanding and patient with my lack of ASL fluency.  But, they were nice guys and it was nice to meet the guys that I research for. 

I’m counting the weeks until clinicals and classes are done- just 3 weeks including this week! Before I know it, “boots on the ground” day will be here! That pesky donut is finally back down to the 10% range- eeeee!!! Hurry home soldier :)

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  1. Congrats on finishing!

    And btw, I totally just bought the Help a few days ago, and I love it too!