Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There must be something in the water!

Seriously, there is some bug going around in my life.  It's causing guys to get down on one knee and bust out some monster rings.  (It has not struck boyfriend, thank goodness) Yep, engagement season is popping up again.  This week I was asked to be in two weddings.... TWO in one week. 

I guess, I am at that age where the post-grad nuptials have begun.  One of the girls is a close friend who we've actually known each other since high school when we ran track for rival small towns, but didn't spend a lot of time together until we worked at summer camp for 3 years.  We did the double date thing a few times, and she even called me the day after their engagement.  They also just bought a house- livin' the dream :)  I had a feeling she might ask me, but I'm excited- it'll be my first wedding I was asked to be in!  I'll be wearing a short plum dress (used at future balls, I think so!) and I get to pick my shoes- goody!! I was so nervous about heels because this 5'10" gal does not need much in the heel department to stand out in a bridal party.

The second is an old friend who was an RA with me back in my undergrad days.  We initially did not get along at ALL.  I was just some young kid with a know it all attitude, and she was the been-there-done-that veteran of the RA world.  We hung out a few times, but we really bonded over a late night wardrobe malfunction.  She needed a dress and us being about the same size, she figured she'd ask for some advice.  It's been all sorts of girly shopping together since then :)  They haven't officially set a date yet, but they are a dual service couple with d-word rumors flying, so that may hustle things up a bit.

I am SO SO SO excited for all this, poor boyfriend isn't going to know what to do with himself with all these weddings coming up.  I have 5 I've been invited to in the next 12 months (standing in 2)... yikes!  When I'm broke come this time next year, you know where all my student loan money has gone, ha.  Or maybe I'll just take up being a participant in research studies on campus like a second job.  I think "professional lab rat" has a nice ring to it.

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