Monday, July 18, 2011

Well, so much for that!

Tonight I attempted a cute apartment improvement.  I was finally going to buy a mirror for my apartment that would hang over the door and then decorate it a bit to make it more personalized.  I even finally busted out my camera and charged it, ready to show off my cute new home project. 

I got the cute white mirror, paint and filigree stencils made from hand out of cardstock.  I got it home, painted it, attached the cute ribbon to hang it with, and let it dry while I went to night class.  I bounded home from class to check it out and inspect my new project.  I hung it up while I put away laundry and cleaned up my apartment.  I heard a loud thump, and ran over to see what happened...

... as you may have guessed, the mirror fell down and now has a nice crack running along the top of it.  *sigh* I guess I'm going to enjoy my mirror with a crack until I can get the money socked away on my next paycheck to get a new one. 

Mirror project take 2 in a few weeks I guess!

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