Sunday, January 22, 2012

Be Still My Heart

Texts like this never make the time apart easier: "I miss you being in my arms, come back to Tennessee".

It is nights like tonight that make me wish we were not doing this whole long distance relationship still.  I'm ready to spend time together (when the Army lets us).  I want more than anything to be able to do my internship year near his current base, but the odds are that would be right about the time boyfriend is set to deploy again or go off to his Captain's Course for 6 months.  The lack of a current plan for the next 2ish years is getting tiring.  I know it is never going to get easier but I just would like some chance to dream like any other couple.

He is the one that makes it worth it.  Even if we have to spend 10 years together before we actually live in the same zipcode, all the time spent apart will be worth it to have him by my side everyday.


  1. I know how you feel! N and I have been in an LDR for our entire relationship, even before he joined the Army. We have been spoiled being only 3 hours apart, but now that I am going back to school, and him not knowing where he will be stationed once he graduates the Q course, we are looking at 2 more years apart as well.

  2. You'll get there! The whole Army thing loves to put a damper on any sort of plan, but you will get there! Long distance blows, but it just makes the visits and homecoming that much sweeter :)

  3. It's so good to have a guy that's worth it all.

  4. Being away from your best friend is one of life's "hard things" that end up being worth all the pain. Sending you cyber hugs.