Friday, January 6, 2012

Catching Up, Hello 2012!

I'm back at school and I'm finally unpacked (only took 3 days)! I had a car full to cram into my tiny apartment, so I ended up taking everything out of my bookshelf and closet and all the while tossing/recycling things I no longer need and donating clothes to friend's closets.  I feel recharged and ready to take on another semester of school.

I survived last semester relatively unscathed, only 1 class had a less than desirable outcome but I'm meeting with that professor to see if I have to remediate the test or any part of the class.  I was bummed to see the grade, but in all my other classes I had an A or an A- and 1 B+, so my GPA was still really good for the semester. 

Christmas break was very short this year.  I had to stay at school until the 22nd for clinical rotations then I headed up north to my parents house.  Boyfriend stopped in for a night to break up the drive home so it was nice to have some 'us' time before the holidays.  My ENTIRE extended family came into town so it was very hectic to say the least.  It was nice to catch up with all my cousins and their spouses, and in a few months we will get to do it all over again for my cousin's wedding. 

Boyfriend and I enjoyed a lot of quality time together at least as much as we could pack into the 6 days of leave he took.  We exchanged presents and had a nerdy Christmas together.  He LOVED the kindle touch I got him, and I don't think he's put it down since.  I just need to get one before we take our trip in 2 months :)  He got me the Audiology Desk Reference books, which is amazing because they are out of print and getting difficult to find.  I also got a nifty otoscope, so I can clean out his ears whenever he wants, ha!

Overall, it's been a great time away and I'm not quite ready for the new semester to begin.  I still have a week of freedom left, and I'll be going to see boyfriend for MLK weekend.  We may be hitting up Nashville which is always a great time.

Now for some photos:

All the cousins minus one.  My sis is on the far right.
Boyfriend opening his present from me. Note the big box.
This is the "really you did all this face" I had to throw him off somehow!
All that work for a Kindle touch.
My AMAZING books :) I've already skimmed Volume I.


  1. Cute pictures. Good luck with the upcoming semester. Glad you did well last semester :)