Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old Woman on Campus

I am so behind in everything, and its only the first week of classes- how did I let this happen!?!
I have 7 papers to read/summarize for my literature review for my Doctoral Research Project (eek!), 5 chapters for classes and also 5 clinical files.   And to top it all off, I have next to nothing to wear, and my laundry is in desperate need of getting done.  I think I’m going to have to just suck it up and go to a Laundromat to get it done all at once tomorrow night.  Why yes, I am the lamest student ever :).

Classes started this week, and the undergrads have flooded campus.  They are being loud, littering beer cans everywhere, and rather inconsiderate of those that have things to do in the morning.  I already feel like the cantankerous old person yelling at my neighbors to "keep it down because some of us have to work in the morning”, yep direct quote.  When did I turn into a grandmother… yeesh.  

I’ve also been killing myself at the gym and trying to fight off the social butterflies from the gym equipment.  I can’t wait until 2 weeks from now when they all start dropping like flies, and enjoy the few weeks of down time until the “I can get a six pack in a week” pre-spring break crowd shows up.  I enjoyed my empty campus and rec center, can’t I have that again soon?

At least I have some fun stuff planned this weekend: bridesmaid-palooza!  I'm meeting the bridal party and having lunch with everyone for the July wedding I am in.  I tried on the dress the other day at a local store, and I really do love it.  The color is so pretty and the fit is very classic.  I did have some shock to discover they don’t run anywhere near street sizes, so I had a bit of a complex from being told to order the size I’m getting.  

Pretty Plum color.
I may actually be able to wear this again!
Well, it is bed time for me bloggy land.  I’m going to try to make my little corner of the internet more of a priority than it has been this last week.  Another goal for this next year is to get more involved with the milspouse community, even though I am just a SO, it would be nice to be more connected.  I was just unplugged and relaxing before the hectic wave of school work started. 

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  1. Whew! You've got a lot going on already and it's only the beginning of the year. Hopefully those undergrads aren't driving you too crazy. ;)

    You look great in that dress/color, btw.
    Have a great weekend!