Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Difficult Discussions are Never Fun

I’m not one for airing dirty laundry on the interwebs, but I am sure some of you noticed my recent absence.  Part of that can be attributed to my travels.  My poor little car has put on 1500 miles in the last 2.5 weeks.  Yikes! Brigiette just needs to hold out another few years to get me through school and into a realm of having a big girl pay check.

Additionally, boyfriend and I have been having a lot of serious discussions, which occasionally lead to arguments about future things.  It’s really getting past the whole denial on my part that the Army is going to be quite an obstacle in my chosen career field.  I know it has been something I’ve danced around before, but now he’s been home and we’re getting into our groove all over again.  I’m getting to the point I’m starting to apply for jobs and internships and would really like the option to be together zip code wise.  Boyfriend made an off hand comment about duty stations and Europe would be a place he’d like to go.  

It has led to some tense discussions, and I know that some sacrifices will be needed on my part.  I think I am finally learning the true extent to which that may need to happen.  It has been a tense few days and I have a feeling tomorrow will be a very long night.  We agreed to meet on Skype to discuss our thoughts and to ensure there are no miscommunications or misinterpreting the other person’s voice.  

I’m trying to be rational and think this through. In the end it’ll be worth it to be together.  While it may be a tough few years, the Army will not be forever.  Thankfully boyfriend does not want me to sacrifice my chosen career field, even if I am only working one day a week, it is still helping me to stay current and still use my degree that I’m working so hard for.  

Sorry again to be mopey and morose.  I’m tired of being so perky, I need to get in touch with my feelings more often.  The two of us are still getting started on this journey, and I have a feeling these discussions are going to become more frequent, especially if the "SF" track keeps getting tossed around.


  1. I'm sorry you are so bummed. The Army has a tendency of ruining any plans. As much as I would love to do regular grad school, I can't for at least the next 2 years so I have to do online. That discussion causes many arguments mainly because I was bummed. I hope you guys can work it out on your Skype date.

  2. Gosh, we really have been experiencing similar situations lately! N. and I have been really fighting about anything and everything, which is just plain exhausting. He is in the Q course for SF right now, so it's not that bad...but the fall is going to be a whirlwind once he gets to group and starts it all for real; all while I'm beginning grad school. Believe me I am feeling your pain! I Hope you guys can work it all out.

  3. I hope you guys are able to get more on the same page. It's hard sometimes!

  4. You are wonder woman! I am proud of you for your hard work with school and juggling a man in the army, keep up the great work. Hope the skype "date" went well. xoxo

  5. I couldn't find your email address to respond back about guest-blogging. Could you email me to talk more?