Friday, February 11, 2011

Lace is so Lovely

Maybe it is because it is V-day weekend, maybe it is because I am a hopeless romantic at heart, and maybe it's just my girly-girl tendencies... but I am OBSESSED with lace lately- on anything!  I found an adorable black dress at Banana Republic, sooo presh with lace, ugh why can't I have a big girl job already!?!

Then to top it off, I planned ahead for leave and bought some super cute new lacy things for when LT makes it home... they're having a HUGE sale at Forever 21 right now, just an FYI :)
I don't know why, but lace on anything (especially vintage lace *drool*) has this super demure feeling to it, and I'm addicted.  Hello, my name is Dani, and I'm addicted to lace and all things vintage.

Speaking of all things vintage, I'm so in love with this dress and this one as well from ModCloth... why do the dresses I always love sell out so fast?  Hopefully it's because I have good taste haha.  Next time I get the notification email they are restocked, I'm going for it!!  Maybe I'm just planning for LT's return, but I just think a vintage inspired dress with a lace cami and some amazing ballet flats would look adorable... but then again with the southern summer humidity, I may second guess my thoughts.  *sigh* Can it be leave time yet?  I need my soldier in my life, stat.

Speaking of the LT, heard from him on g-chat the other day. He didn't know google had chat... silly boy! It was a quick 5 minute convo, but good to chat for a bit.  His little brother also called me today, so that was very sweet.  He wanted to know how I was doing with school and ask some advice since he is applying to the Army DPT school at Baylor and has to have his app ready by the time he goes to LDAC, so I sent him some of my old apps and my old GRE book to look over.  Hopefully he gets in- he works so hard, it would just kill him not to.

So for my "anti-valentine's day" my classmates and I are ordering deep dish pizza (oh Chicago style pizza how I love you! SO worth the 45 minute wait) and having a study party complete with cheap wine and anatomy textbooks/notes.  Living the dream huh?  Well it's friday night, so I'm about to get all dolled up to go out with the girls for some drinks- yippee!  Avoiding all the undergrad bars tonight, keeping it classy downtown.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm obsessed with lace too! Bought some lacy things for V-day....
    I'm sorry your man isn't with you, but it sounds like you'll have a blast nonetheless! Also, love love the modcloth dresses. good taste.

  2. Those dresses are really cute! I'm doing something similar for "anti-valentine's day"... being away from your bf sucks on days that, doesn't it? =(

  3. Lace is pretty awesome, I'm a fan, as long as it isn't itchy! Way too much time when I was little wearing those poofy dresses for me to feel completely comfortable wearing lace, but I love the look! I left you something on my blog!