Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patience with Patients

It has been quite a week! Can you tell that school threw up on my life? These next few weeks are going to be very jam packed, but I am really developing my clinical skills.  I'm loving the hands on work with patients and getting to work with and counsel people about their hearing.  Right now I am seeing University employees as part of a noise conservation program, making sure people are protecting their hearing when working in noise.  I'm also seeing students who need to have their hearing tested as part of the Speech and Hearing Science program.  The students are so interesting, I love answering their questions and explaining what each test I am running is.  Maybe a PhD would be in order and maybe teaching??

Argh- the idea of 2-3 more years of school is daunting, this may just be a passing phase.... not getting too into it yet.  Let's get through the first 4 years of school first, ha!

I got to talk to the boy for about 30 minutes via google chat on Valentine's Day, it was wonderful and much needed!  If I had planned ahead, we may have been able to video chat, but I didn't have the program installed *pout*  At least next time I will be prepared!! Ok, so now hurry up and get on the computer haha.  Valentine's Day marked the 6 month mark since I'd seen LT.  It was also a little rough to see all my classmates have flowers delivered to the grad student office, and one girl complaining about   "only going out to dinner" with her boyfriend.... oh silly girls.  Don't worry, I didn't slap her ;)

As a pleasant surprise, my best friends sent me a surprise package!  They knew the day would be rough, so they wanted to brighten my day.  They managed to take my nerdy tendencies to the next level with.... GIANT MICROBES! They got me the earache and mono microbes, the earache for obvious reasons and the mono because it was Valentine's Day and cute.  Here is a photo of me with my lovely surprises! Ignore the looking like crap, after running around in heels and dress clothes all day, I run to my sweats and slippers.

Other exciting news, next week marks the 1/2 way through deployment mark!!! AHHH!!! In all seriousness, I never thought I would make it this far and still be sane.  I'm just trying to look at it as all downhill from here, the worst is over.  Now it will just be a waiting game, and there will be leave to break it up, and also my spring break :)  No major plans for either yet, just waiting on the LT to give me dates.  Any tips for making it go faster? Other than staying busy?

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  1. I've noticed that if I give myself little goals, like an exciting thing to do on a saturday, or even waiting for my next Netflix to come in the mail, that time goes by a little quicker. :)