Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011!!

Yep, that's right I lived through the great snowstorm! They called for up to 14 inches, and I think we got about 6, plus an inch of ice or so under the snow.  Thankfully I was prepared enough to have an ice scraper  in my apartment- so I was able to at least get my car doors open and windows mostly de-iced before the worst of the snow hit.  The worst part will be shoveling my car out, the plow trucks were so nice to push a wall of snow behind my car that came up over my back bumper *sigh*

At least I had a snow day yesterday and today.  The university officially closed today, but my professors all cancelled yesterday :)  So- no classes for me this week!! Unfortunately I'll have to make the hours up by adding an extra 30 minutes to all my classes these next few weeks... *sigh* Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm learning about, but it would be nice to have a little less material on my tests haha.

LT called the other day with some bad news, his mid-tour got pushed back... yet again.  So it's looking like R&R will not be a "mid-tour" but more like "2/3 done" break.  I'm trying to see the silver lining of once he has to go back he'll only have a few months left *hopefully*, but it's a little hard.  So it looks like no big trips or anything, we'll just some quality time camped out in my tiny apartment.  I'll take what I can get, it just would have been nice to be able to do something super fun and special.... yay school!  Guess I'll just save my pennies for his block leave when he's back state-side to do something awesome.  So now, the waiting game begins again, adding another 4 weeks to the countdown.

Well, my cookies are done baking, so time to rescue them! I did some digging on (seriously my favorite website!) and thought I'd give these a try- Chocolate Truffle Cookies.  I rolled the cookies in a little powered sugar after I chilled the dough.... delish!!  Yes, I decided baking/experimenting with cookies was the best way to spend a day off.  Psssssh, who studies on a day off of school ;)

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  1. Hey Girlie,
    I saw your comment in the military girlfriends blog so I thought I'd say hi! I'll be following :) Hope you're getting through the deployment alright. Those cookies sound fabulous!