Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oy Vey.

So, anyone who knows me really well knows that my two favorite teams are Da Bears, and anyone playing the Packers.  Need I say more about the game? *sigh* At least starting tomorrow, everyone has the same record again.  I'm already counting the days to pre-season :)

Well this weekend has been a busy one of studying, reading, cleaning, and paperwork... blech!! Here is to hoping tomorrow I get everything done I need to, and maybe find some time for a good long workout.  My apartment hasn't been this clean in weeks, and man does it look good!! I just wish I had more people to show it off to haha.  I'm deciding whether or not I can put in enough time to possibly trek to STL to visit my BFFs, just depends on how far I get on an outline for my 30+ page paper.... which I still need to research more for, 30 articles just isn't cutting it.  Why did I sign up for grad school again? ;)

I do love everything I am learning, and starting this week I get to shadow a child being implanted with a cochlear implant and having it programmed for the first time... I may have found my calling in pediatric audiology.  I even may have secured/ spoken with my professor about a pediatric placement for this summer *cue the squeals*

Is it bad that I am already very over Valentine's Day?  I know my soldier loves me, and that one silly day isn't going to tell me that he loves me more than I already know.  I do love the new Hallmark commercials however, the ones about "appreciating us"- they make me tear up a little every time, I'm just such a sap.  The one thing I am missing however, is a date night with an excuse to get all dressed up.  I miss looking cute and doing my hair for that initial "you look great" (ok, maybe I'm just a compliment seeker).  All my friends here in CU are all in relationships so they've been gushing about their plans. It's hard, but I'm just trying hard to think about mid-tour and how special of a time that will be.  We will get to have our "date night" then.  Instead of moping about, I'm going to stay busy, lock myself in the library to study, and maybe eat my feelings in chocolate cheesecake :) (unless anyone has a better idea, ha!)

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  1. I totally feel the same way about Valentine's Day.