Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oodles of thanks!

A big huge thank you to Jillian over at Iron & Sunshine for a lovely award! Seriously made my day girl :) Although I am not a MilSpouse (I prefer Military SO), I'm going to pass it around for sure!

Here are the lovely ladies I am passing this around to:

Another fellow grad student, balancing military life with school over at Head in the Game, Heart in the Sand

It's a Dog Tag Wife Life who is blogging daily about what she loves about her soldier- tres adorable!

Jessica, an acquaintance from college, who is currently surviving her first deployment and doing so well!

And LTarmywife over at Stetsons, Spurs and Stilettos, she is a Cav wife, and her blog is always so well decorated for the season.

So thank you again Jillian, really brightened my day!


  1. Well thank you! I'm very honored to be mentioned!! Glad to know that people are still reading my ramblings! :P

  2. you're welcome love! I prefer military SO as well :)

  3. Why thank you!! I really appreciate the award! But more than that, I appreciate the chance to get to know you better!