Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm still alive, I promise!

Oh my goodness, it's been quite a long time! My apologies, school has just crapped on my life, plus I was also super busy with my BFFs in town for a long weekend :) It felt so great to be reunited, and it was exactly the breath of fresh air I needed in my life.  I love my best friends so much, and late nights talking about the LT, life, and my dreams put me right back on track.  To be honest, I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  I think part of it is due to leave being pushed further and further back, and the realization that despite all my wishing and hoping, he won't be home for our anniversary or my birthday.  I always knew it was a very big possibility, but it is time to accept it.  *sigh* I'll still keep dragging my feet.

The girl time with movies, homemade pie, good food, lots of wine and going out was a blast!  It felt great to get all dolled up and go out just to spend time with my friends.  There is something about looking good just for you that feels amazing, and I really need to get back into that habit.  I'm not one of those get dolled up every time I see him kinda gals, but I do like to look good occasionally.  I've really let my hair/makeup go to the wayside, and when I try I clean up nicely.  I think a haircut and a visit to the dermatologist (stupid hormones making me look 16 all over again with the acne) will go a long way for boosting my self confidence and helping me want to take the time to do things just for me again.

Also, the graduate college has royally screwed me over lately.... I seriously want to throw sharp pointy objects at them.  Turns out they haven't been taxing my graduate research stipend properly... and so for the next 2-3 months I'll be getting $60 less per stipend.  That may not seem like a lot, but when you only get $750 a month and close to $500 of that is for rent, $60 goes a long long long way.  That's more than 1/2 my grocery bill for the month. And with the way gas prices are going, that's a full tank and a half for my car.  Yikes huh? I'm glad I took out a little extra loan money for a cushion, but dang... I was hoping to save some of that to pay back at the end of the year should I not use all of it. I'm just angry at the whole situation.  I was promised a set stipend and the whole variability thing is really throwing me for a loop.  I realize I am very lucky in the fact that I have a job that is mostly paying for me to go to school, but dang it, I live off of every penny of that stipend, and pretty frugally too.

Finally, something for a little bit of a laugh after all the whining and complaining ;)
LT finally called the other day, probably the 1st time in a month he'd been able to call due to being stretched a little thin with all the guys gone on leave.  And as Murphy's Law would have it.... I was in the shower of course.  So glad I keep my phone by me at all times, other wise I'd be so upset if I missed the call. So I jump out of the shower, still full of shampoo and body wash, to answer my phone dripping water and soap everywhere.  My poor bathroom rug took it the hardest, I had to throw it on the balcony to drip dry a bit :) Needless to day, LT was enjoying this crazy scene way too much and laughing about the whole thing, and while I was mortified at first, I can at least laugh about it now.  I'm sure I'm not the only one to jump out of the shower to answer a phone call from the guy while deployed.  Or am I?

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