Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guess who's back, back again?

Who has two thumbs and has been a bad blogger *this girl*
Whoopsie! In my defense, I was on spring break (aka drinking with besties until I couldn’t feel feelings about midterms) and had some birthday celebrations going on :)

I’m officially one year away from the “mid-twenties” according to my classmates, when did I get so ancient… I mean young… Ha! Kidding! I’m the first one in my class to turn 23 so they’re having fun razzing me about being the “old lady” of the group.  Psh, 23 is nothing, however no guarantees I won’t throw the quarter life crisis of the century in 2 years, it’ll be legendary (said in the Barney Stinson voice).

My birthday started out amazingly with a phone call from a certain boy :) He woke me up, but totally worth it in my book!  The goof even apologized- like I minded the wake up call, pish posh.  He was also funny, he said he had some of his guys “running interference” so we could talk a little longer.  It’s the little things he does like that which make my heart swell. 

Spring break was uneventful, just two much needed weekends away and some AMAZING clinical observations. I cannot wait to work with little kiddos and help them to hear!  Plus all those cool earmolds and ways to make hearing aids fun is pretty amazing in my book.  It is days like this past week where I love what I am studying, despite all the tests/papers I have coming up in the next few weeks…. ugh can it be May 13th yet!?!  20 page paper, case study review, lit review, hour long presentation on the 20 page paper, and 2 finals…. oof.  I’m going to be living in the library these next few weeks.  On top of all of that I have to run as many subjects as I can for my research professor.  Argh, can my semester from hell be done already? *just keep swimming* is my new motto.

Thankfully I get a week between spring semester finishing up and summer semester starting, minus a clinical shift.  HOPEFULLY leave will happen around then so LT and I can enjoy some really amazing time together.  At least my doughnut of misery is at 60% done, it now says “excited yet?” on the bottom, cue the girlish squeal.

Check out all my travels- pretty nifty eh?

 Also- jumping on the map bandwagon, as you can see I’ve been pretty well traveled minus the south and the northeast.  Can you tell I’m a Midwestern (read: flatlander) gal? My parents took my kid sis and I on many a long road trip in good old ‘Big Red’ the family van monstrosity, and I also had my share of trekking through girl scouts but for some reason never really made it out east (save PA)… I’d love to live out there someday, but I should probably visit first before I make that decision… just a thought.

Other than school taking over my life until May, not much else going on- just some culinary adventures and a bestie weekend coming up soon, much needed breaks from papers/tests.  I have a feeling my good old Mac Book is going to be getting quite the keyboard work out in these next few days…. I feel the need to apologize to it now :/ sorry Maci Macintosh!

And yes, that is my computer’s name, I name all my major purchases in my life including my cars. My current vehicle is named Brigitte, Brig for short, or Brig the bi-otch if she’s being cantankerous (previous vehicles include Hans and Gustav- yes all german cars).  LT hates my naming affinity, but I think that may be because I gave his car a nerdy Harry Potter name… oopsie! (His car was black and could handle any beating the LT threw at it, so I named it the Bludger, he failed to find the humor in it)

Anywhoo- beddy by time for this old lady.  Up and at ‘em early to write a freaking chapter outline… at least it is short this week. G’nite all! (also, how funny is it that my 23rd post is about my 23rd birthday... life is funny like that sometimes)

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