Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One down, One to Go! And a *snazzy* new accessory.

Yep, one midterm down, one left.  Thankfully this one is a take home, so hopefully this is slightly easier than the I took this morning.... ugh brain drain like no other.  7 weeks of auditory anatomy, and we only got to the inner ear, we didn't even make it to the cranial nerves or the brain- yeesh! Ugh, brain is fried thankfully I have some chocolate fudge frosting and graham crackers, my guilty post test treat :)

Also, in regards to the new accessory.  I woke up this morning with some green crud and a very pink looking eye, so naturally since I've be doing research with children, so I'm thinking pink eye.... Boy was I wrong!! I went to the campus health clinic, saw the Dr. was rushed to the opthamologist for further testing (I seriously was terrified and shaking!) and when all was said and done, turns out I do have an infection but a way more serious one.  I have a corneal ulcer (which if you so choose, you can read about here, but you have been warned!) so basically that means I managed to scratch my cornea somehow and it then became infected.  Hence the snazzy new accessory. It is only for today because they put some "goopy"antibiotic drops in there and wanted them to soak in all the way.  Thankfully after tonight, it will be needed only when I'm sleeping for the next week.  So, endless eye drops for the next 10 days and no contacts for 3 weeks.  I'll survive, the true test will be in 3 weeks when I go back to the opthamologist and see if everything heals up and *fingers crossed* no scarring.

I'm very blessed in the fact that it isn't affecting my vision so this will be much easier with school.  However I realized something, when I was freaking out and scared, I wanted nothing more than someone to go with me to the doctor and hold my hand and tell me everything was going to be ok.  It was the first time in a long while that I've actually felt lonely here at school.  My best friends are all a phone call away, but it just wasn't the same.  I also wanted to call and tell LT, but an email will just have to suffice.  I guess I'm just tired and whiney, but it was quite an eventful day, that is for sure!!

How do you like my awesome pirate impression?
The patch I was wearing earlier my classmates drew an eye on it for me, it was quite comical :)  Unfortunately, it lost the adhesive due to my eye tearing up, otherwise I would share.

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