Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good Deeds and the Warm Fuzzies

So, I totally meant to blog about this earlier, and me being in tunnel vision/end of the semester mode it totally fell WAY off my radar... So *sheepish grin* here it goes!

I was waiting in line to mail a care package for LT last week since I knew he was probably getting replaced as a PL soon, and wanted to send him a little something to brighten his spirits.  I also went a little crazy with the baking, so I thought I'd share with him and his guys.  I get to the post office with all my goodies in tow because I forgot I ran out of boxes and customs forms (bad girlfriend, I know).  I also managed to forget the cute note card I always make for the address, I was truly in fine form that evening.

I was standing in line at the on-campus post office when I notice an ROTC cadet walk into the lobby.  He was in his "fuzzy" uniform as LT used to call it, so it was a dead give away- oh and that nifty ROTC patch on the right shoulder.  Anyways, I get called up, and I'm talking to the post office lady who knows me quite well by now.  She asked how LT was doing if I had heard anything new and all the usual questions.  The ROTC guy then interrupts and asks something along the line of, "are you sending that to a deployed soldier" I replied yes I was and he then ever so politely asked if he could pay for the postage. I asked if he was sure and he was, so he stepped on up and paid for it for me!

I was so touched by what he then said next, he said "The soldiers over there are often forgotten after the holidays and I wanted to show my appreciation, just be sure to say thank you and to let him know we still appreciate everything they are doing.  I just hope when I deploy I have someone who would do the same for me."  At this point, I lost it as did the post office lady.  I started getting all misty eyed and gave him a big hug and said thank you.  I was so touched that a college student would show that much gratitude to someone they don't even know.  I mailed the rest of my things and he and I chatted a bit before we both had to go our separate ways.  It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done, and I only wish the box wasn't all sealed up so the ROTC cadet could have slipped a quick note in there.

Doesn't this just give you the warm fuzzies? I made my day, and I'm still waiting on hearing how LT reacted to the news.


  1. That is amazing! It's so nice to know there are thoughtful people still out there that appreciate what our soldiers are doing (and remember).

    Thanks for sharing

  2. This makes me believe in the good of mankind. What a thoughtful and meaningful gesture! Good karma is coming this man's way.

  3. This gave me chills! There still are nice people out there and it is good to hear they still want to step up and do something that seems to little to them and yet so huge to others.

  4. Wow - so cool! I'm partial to the ROTC boys - Mr. Wookie was one of 'em!

  5. It's always nice when people care enough to do things like that. It's like our own little network. Found your blog today...I've been doing a lot of surfing. Very Cute.

    Come visit if you have a chance...

    ~The Glamorous Army Wife