Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've Got the Bug...

The running bug that is!  I think the combination of the beautiful weather and my stress levels being through the roof made me want to do something for myself.  I've really been slacking on going to the ARC and taking time for me away from school.  So, long story short, a classmate and I are running a 5K- in 3 weeks.  Yes, you read that correctly- 3 weeks! Eeeep!

Thankfully we're both fairly in shape, but our cardio needs a swift kick in the you-know-what.  We've already paid our registration and have our goal time set.  I ran 3 miles last week in about 35 minutes (ish, and with only walking once-woot), so my goal time is the full race in under 30 minutes.  In a perfect world if I had more time, I'd go for 25 minutes, but I'm anticipating some bumps along the way.  Apparently these long legs I've inherited are good for something other than giving me headaches while shopping ;)

Training plan is set- 2 miles 4 times this week (2 down, 2 to go!).  4 miles 4 times next week and 5 mile runs twice before the race mixed with some light lifting and swimming thrown in the mix.  It's not a perfect plan, but I think we'll get our endurance up and hopefully finish in our goal times :)

On a weird side note, my feet keep falling asleep when I'm riding my bike or running on an elliptical :/ I'm going to try new orthotics in my running shoes, and my running shoes are fairly new and for my pronation, but I'm just stumped.  Any suggestions?

On a good side note, there is a possible leave date, however because I've been told this 3 times before I'm not getting my hopes up yet until I have a flight time.  Is this bad? I feel terrible not getting excited yet, but I've just been through the ringer enough I don't want to get hurt yet again.... silly Army I want him home already!! My donut of misery is already at 64% done.... is it time yet!?!


  1. Good luck with the training! Sounds like you'll kick booty. I feel ya on the "not getting excited until I have a flight date" notion. I'm the same way! I hope he comes home soon!

  2. Ugh, I hate running. I'm proud of you for doing something like this.

    By the way, if you want to negotiate on that Harvey bag, let me know. I'm willing to barter. I priced it high knowing they were worth that, but I am very flexible. Just email me back!