Sunday, April 24, 2011

R&R coming up!

Still no official arrival date, but I'm hopefully that will change soon.  Compared to previous times, I actually have a beginning of a leave date so I'm practicing careful optimism about an arrival within the next 4-ish weeks.  Fingers and toes are all crossed :)

Checked my donut of misery today- look at that progress! 2/3 done! Just a few months left hopefully.

My semester is flying by, and man am I going to be a busy little gal these next few weeks.  My finals schedule is all mapped out, so let the studying, writing and presentations begin!  If all goes according to plan, my research will also be wrapping up with 20 research subjects completed- whee! I also have a meeting with my research professor to discuss my summer schedule and set out my possible stipend situation for the summer and school year.  Ugh, I am very thankful for funding, but yeesh, my grades are not where I want them to be.  *sigh* Its going to be a very long next few weeks, here is to hoping a certain visitor comes to town shortly, I could use the distraction.

Now comes the fun part of balancing family time for LT and "us time".  His mother is starting to worry me with some of the things she is saying and plans she wants to make, but I'm trying to not get stressed until he actually arrives and decides what he wants to do.  I love his mother, she is such a sweet lady and we have a pretty good relationship, but she is having a tough time with realizing LT and I are young adults now, and not the high school kids we were when we started dating and treating us as such.  I'd love to spend some time with him and his family on R&R, but come on lady- we need some "just us time" to reconnect and get caught up on each others lives, especially after 8+ months apart.  I really want to introduce him to my classmates and show him my life down at school.  I'm trying to be patient and flexible and let LT decide, but I have a feeling his mother is going monopolize his time while he's home.  This could also be the green eyed monster in me that wants to never let go after I get that first hug and kiss.  I'm sure this makes no sense, but I'm just trying to get it all out, and maybe I'll be thinking rationally again.  I'm trying so incredibly hard to not be selfish and take a step back, but I feel like I'm failing miserably.

Any thoughts on balancing the mama situation? Am I being irrational?  I just need some outside perspective and advice.

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  1. Good luck with your finals!! You are amazing! I am glad R&R is coming up, so fun! Good luck balancing the mama situation, good idea to include family but for sure you will want alone time! love your blog